• Cardiac Health

    At OWIFM we take your health seriously.  We provide leading edge analysis of your cardiac health concerns. These three factors assess your cardiac status and cardiac risk: Blood tests that go beyond the usual limited lipid panel to assess cholesterol and inflammation.  Coronary Artery Calcium Score (AKA “CAC Score”). This is a CT scan of Continue Reading

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  • Walck to Wellness

    Individual wellness strategies for you. You’ve heard it before, a  million times…”I have to eat better”… “I have to go on a diet”.  What does  that mean anyway?  Which diet makes sense?  Can you really spend your life “on a diet”? In the Walck to Wellness, a nutrition plan catered to your  individual needs is given Continue Reading

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  • Nutrition and Exceptional Care

    You are what you eat… what are you becoming? Are you taking the correct dose of micro-nutrients to optimize your biochemical processes? Are you taking the right kind of micro-nutrients to optimize your biochemical processes? A broad swath of measurements from your blood answers these critical questions: Tests for Vitamin levels: – Vitamins are the Continue Reading

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  • Hormones

    Optimizing hormone status for resilience, health and vitality

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  • Integrative Family Medicine

    We address all problems typical in a Family Practice office.   The difference is that we are always asking the questions: Where did this come from? How can we correct this from a nutritional or stress perspective rather than just offer a prescription? Is it Hormonal? Females: Menopause, PMS,  Estrogen Dominance, Cancer risk, Incontinence. Males: Andropause, Prostate, Erectile Continue Reading

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Do you know there are considered to be more than four million synthetic compounds and thousands of natural compounds abundant in our environment today that can be considered a toxin in one way or another to certain individuals?  In addition to the substances found in the environment, our bodies also produce substances that can be toxic to itself.  The liver is primarily responsible for converting the toxins we ingest into a form that can be safely eliminated by the body.  As the body experiences an overload of toxins, the liver can become overloaded trying to metabolize them.  The consequences of this overload can show up as headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, irritability, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal irregularities just to name a few.

With that said, it’s important to determine the substances that are creating problems for the individual and through a challenge or detoxification program, flush those substances out of the body. The toxins we ingest enter our bodies primarily through the foods and drinks we consume.  Some airborne toxins can also enter the body through the lungs, and as mentioned previously, our bodies create internal toxins as well.  Some of the largest groups of toxins are heavy metals (lead, mercury), food additives, pesticides, alcohol, and prescription drugs. The most common internal toxins are bacteria and candida (yeast).

After a proper detoxification period, the best way to keep the body’s toxicity levels at a point where the liver can properly metabolize them, is through nutrition, which is why nutrition is the most important component of the Walck to Wellness program.  The clinicians at Optimal Wellness specialize in assisting you in crafting a nutrition plan that works best for you and coach you through the plan to help you succeed

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